Franchising Opportunity

Lash and Company Med Spa offers opportunities for people seeking to open a medical spa franchise!

At Lash and Company, we dream big and we recognized that we could take our mission of beauty simplified nationwide to revolutionize the medical spa industry from state to state.

Lash and Company HQ is based out of Thornton, Colorado and is home to our first medical spa location and also houses our brand-new training facility.

As Lash and Company has grown over the last 10+ years, we have expanded our vision to allow other driven and motivated Aesthetic professionals a way to own their own medical spa by offering franchise opportunities.

Lash and Company Franchise Opportunity

Opening a Lash and Company Medical Spa Franchise means that you have the luxury of owning your own business AND having the support of a well-established brand. The Lash and Company name has a strong association with success due to their history of growing and maintaining such a high-quality brand.

We assist you in every step of the process ensuring that you feel comfortable running your own Lash and Company location. We offer leading industry teaching and training to up level your own education and that of your staff with our state approved course and advanced education modules.

Our support with resources, technology, marketing, and systems will help you open your own Lash and Company Med Spa with minimal nerves and the confidence that you are going to be successful. Our goal for each franchise is for them to represent the Lash and Company name with trust, innovation, excellence, passion, communication, and resilience. We help you embody those values by ensuring you are set up with the systems to run a successful and profitable med spa.

We have had many successful individuals go through the franchising process, but they all maintain similar qualities.

Our franchise process is so successful because the individuals who come to us are:
  • Willing to follow the Lash and Company system for success
  • Display business savvy and skills
  • Maintain and grow entrepreneurial skills
  • Strong communicators as individuals and in group settings
  • Leaders who are constantly improving their leadership qualities
  • Willing to learn and apply knowledge into action
The responsibilities of owning a Lash and Company Med Spa are similar but include:
  • A commitment to be active and involved in the business
  • Participation at every level of business to cultivate trust and reliability from us and your team
  • Create a welcoming and loving work environment for both staff and clients
  • Create your own set of values to operate on aside from the Lash and Company core values
  • Be ready to grow and trust the process
  • Be active in marketing and promoting your business
  • Follow the systems that are taught to you, as well as creating systems that work for you and your staff.

Each Lash and Company location is an avid contributor to the community, and we encourage all of our locations to actively give back and participate in the local community in which they reside. We believe that by giving back we can ignite the same passion we have for our services and community in others.

The investment and cost of a Lash and Company Med Spa Franchise is outlined below. For more information please email us at or call 1.970.420.2118

Lash and Company Med Spa Franchise Investment Description and Cost.

  • Franchise fee – 45k
  • Ini1al ad fund contribu1on – 1%
  • Leasehold improvements and site Fee – 90k-500k
  • Addi1onal funds for equipment etc – 40k
  • Grand opening Adver1sing – 5k
  • Training, Travel, and living expenses (per person) – 5k
  • Insurance – 5k
  • Royalty – 6%
Grand total = low end/high end – $227,000-$550,000
Financial, Personal, and Geographic requirements
  • Net worth
  • Liquid assets
  • Credit score