Over time, it’s almost inevitable for the skin to lose collagen and elasticity, resulting in the unwelcome appearance of sagging and wear. Don’t blame yourself; the daily movements of facial expressions like squinting, frowning, or smiling can take a toll. The outcome often includes fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and tiny crow’s feet, leaving many feeling frustrated.


At Lash + Company, we are delighted to provide a range of cosmetic injectables and fillers, administered by our highly trained medical and esthetician staff. These treatments can effectively smooth fine lines, nurture facial muscles, increase volume, define facial features, and essentially turn back the hands of time!


First, our expert esthetician team will sit down with you to understand your skin care goals. Then, we will carefully assess your skin concerns and any potential conditions that may impact your treatment. Our team will make any recommendations, carefully mapping out a plan. Whatever your goals, Lash + Company works with you to help you look and feel fabulous!

Next, we’ll select the best filler options and dosages for your injections. These injection sites will be expertly cleaned and disinfected. While clients may experience mild to moderate pain, discomfort is typically alleviated by using a numbing agent or local anesthesia.

Voila! The impact of using these fillers works immediately. After injection, the compounds smooth out the imperfections in your skin once it settles. Fillers bind with proteins as the collagen and elastin are stimulated, restoring elasticity and generating new skin cells to heal the desired area.


Lash + Company is a cutting edge medical spa that truly believes in beauty simplified.

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