Our Culture At Lash + Company

A major part of what determines the success or failure of an organization is the culture that it adopts. Your organization’s work culture will define how well your organization will be able to nurture an environment of growth. At Lash + Company, our work culture is defined by our 6 core values.

1 – Communication

Clear communication is key to a smooth-functioning organization. When efforts aren’t put into ensuring clear communication, it can lead to misunderstandings that cause internal conflicts. With clear delivery of messages and information, an effective system of communication is established within the organization that keeps all parties feeling satisfied and heard. This reduces the potential for conflicts.

At Lash + Company, we emphasize clear and effective communication via various channels such as regular informational emails, quarterly newsletters, monthly conference calls, and ongoing support to all our franchise partners.

2 – Excellence

Excellence comes from quality, discipline, and efficiency. You cannot rely on just motivation to keep you consistent with the quality of your services. And you cannot let the quality of your services fluctuate. Work done out of consistent discipline brings more fruitful results than work done out of one-off bursts of motivation.

As is rightly said by our collective favorite Dwayne The Rock Johnson,

“Be hungry. Be humble. And always be the hardest worker in the room.”

3 – Innovation

Times change and demand us to change too. Innovating keeps you relevant to the industry and helps you adapt to changing trends, needs, and choices of the volatile clientele. In order to inculcate innovation, you first need to inculcate a learner’s mindset and the outlook of a leader.

To be successful as an organization in the beauty industry, we constantly strive to embrace change, collaborate with more and more like-minded people, and create new solutions to existing challenges.

4 – Passion

Passion drives you in times of adversity. If you are not passionate about the work you do, no matter how hard you try, your results will lack that unexplainable X-factor. But if you are passionate about your field, work, or career, then your results will be flattering and your morale will remain stable even during difficult times.

5 – Resilience

Resilience is one of the most important parts of our culture at Lash + Company. Our members and partners are resilient, and what that means is that we are a team of professionals that look at challenges as opportunities, not paralyzing situations.

Resilience embodies the understanding that there will always be problems that we cannot avoid – but with the right mindset, we can navigate the trickiest situations. All we need is an open mind, some flexibility, and a willingness to adapt to change.

At Lash + Company, we have examples of leaders who have set the bar high by being resilient and persistent in their growth journeys.

6 – Trust and Integrity

Every business relationship needs to have a cornerstone of trust. Especially in the franchising business, there are a lot of routines and things that revolve around how strong the foundation of trust is in the relationship of the partners. And this trust is built by inculcating integrity.

At Lash + Company, we work on building strong foundations of trust by staying true to our core values in all of our long-term and day-to-day activities, operations, and interactions. Our integrity builds our trust, and our trust reinforces our passion and integrity.