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You’re in good company with Lash + Company!

We want you to experience our chic, welcoming, and comfortable med spa offering a variety of services. So much more than eyelash services, we provide beautiful experiences delivered under the care of our physicians, nurses, and estheticians.


Beauty services offer more than just a physical makeover—they boost confidence and well-being. Beyond enhancing your appearance, these services provide relaxation, fostering mental health. Creative expression is encouraged, allowing for personalized styles that empower and instill confidence. The versatility of the beauty industry means you can choose services that suit your preferences and lifestyle. Positive relationships with beauty professionals contribute to enjoyable experiences. In a fast-paced world, beauty services offer convenient and efficient self-care options. Ultimately, these services go beyond the surface, promoting both outer and inner well-being for a confident and empowered you.


Lash + Company is a cutting edge medical spa that truly believes in beauty simplified.

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