Step Wise Guide To Franchising With Lash + Company

Whether you want to venture into a new industry or expand your existing business – franchising can help you bring your business goals to life. And when it comes to franchising in the beauty industry, Lash + Company provides you with a time-tested model of business and an atmosphere that nurtures growth.

Let’s say you’ve decided to become a franchiser with Lash + Company; one question then needs to be answered: how to take the first step? That’s precisely what we’re here to help you with. We’re here with the complete step-wise guide to help you begin your franchising journey with Lash + Company.

At Lash + Company, our vision is to make beauty simplified. And while that motto helps us serve our clients efficiently, we have gone a step further and extended its meaning to our franchisees as well. For our franchisees, we strive to make the beauty industry simplified. Given below are 3 easy steps that will help you get started with franchising with Lash + Company.

Step 1 – Form Filling

The very first thing that you need to do is to visit our website: 

On this website, you will find all the information you need to understand Lash + Company from a franchising perspective. This is where you will find 5 videos through which you will get answers to most of the common questions that arise with new franchisees.

Once you go through the videos, at the bottom of the page you will find a form that allows you to request information. You simply need to enter some basic details about yourself and a Lash + Company team member will get in touch with you.

Step 2 – Getting Together

After the initial communication from our side, we will set up a date to meet up with you. This is where you will get to meet some of our Lash + Company franchising partners in person. Here’s what we expect you to bring to the table:

  1. Your goals and vision: what drives you?
  2. Your passion: what makes you choose the beauty industry?
  3. Your financial standpoint: investment budgets, profit expectations, etc.

Here’s what you can expect from us at the table:

  1. Taking you through the time-tested model of Lash + Company
  2. Answers to your queries about franchising and the beauty business

The goal of this meeting will be to allow both – you and us – to get to know each other. This is where we will start trying to build a roadmap for what your franchising journey will look like.

Step 3 – Choosing A Model That Works For You

Lash + Company provides 3 different models of franchising: the Starter Silver, Express Gold, and Full Line Platinum models. You can choose whichever model matches your vision and business goals the best.

More information about these three models can also be found on the aforementioned website.

And That’s It!

Once we have your roadmap ready and you choose your preferred model, we’re good to go! At Lash + Company, when you join us as a franchisee, you get complete hands-on support from real estate and on-boarding to marketing and training.