Owning A Lash + Company Franchise Is Super Easy!

Stepping into the beauty industry has become a lot easier – and at Lash + Company, we’re here to make it all the more easy and accessible to become a franchise owner in the beauty business!

Franchising = Embracing Resiliency

It is no hidden truth that the beauty industry is one of the most resilient industries in the market today. It has faced a lot of economic headwinds and turbulences and bounced back successfully.

And when we speak of businesses and business models, the franchising model has its own set of merits that make it resilient. With an established brand and clientele, hands-on support, and access to a large pool of resources, franchises have a stronger foundation than standalone businesses.

So, when you combine the resiliency of the beauty industry with that of the franchise model, you build for yourself a strong foundation of the business with very low risks. And that’s why we say when you embrace franchising, you embrace resiliency.

How Lash + Company Has Made It Easier

At Lash + Company, we value the passion and dedication of all our franchisees and ensure that we provide a nurturing business environment for them. And we believe that the best business environment is one where you have hands-on support from day one.

From onboarding to real-estate dealings, training, and lifelong access to our educational and other resources, we strive to provide nothing but the best to all of our franchisees.

In fact, staying true to our core values of transparency and communication, we ensure that all of our franchisees get together on monthly meeting calls to interact, share their experiences, voice their concerns, and find a set of like-minded people to keep the motivation high even through the downturns.

And we didn’t just stop there. In order to make franchising more accessible, Lash + Company has introduced three different franchising models for you to choose from:

  • The Starter Silver Model
  • The Express Gold Model
  • The Full Line Platinum Model

These 3 models have been introduced to make the franchising models financially accessible to a larger scale of interested and passionate people who aim to become business owners in the beauty industry.

What Makes Lash + Company The Ideal Choice?

With complete support right from onboarding to the opening of the spa and regular transparent communication in the form of monthly calls with franchisees, Lash + Company promises a nurturing environment for the growth of your business.

And not only that, the three franchise models allow you to become a franchise owner even with low investing budgets, and then scale to a larger model as and when you find it suitable to do so.

All in all, Lash + Company provides you with the ideal starting point to kick-start your career as a business owner in the beauty industry.

For more information, check out https://www.lashandcompany.com/franchise-opportunity/ and reach out to us via the form given on the website.