Different Franchise Models At Lash + Company Med-Spa

Want to venture into the beauty industry but don’t know where to start? Lash + Company Med-Spa could be a great starting point for you, regardless of your level of experience in the industry. You could be someone with an area of expertise within the industry, or you could just be starting out – Lash + Company has all the tools and resources that accommodate all the needs of a franchise owner.

Starting out as a franchise owner can be overwhelming – from investment costs to real estate formalities, and even the training and skills required to run a successful business – all of these variables can make it seem difficult to take the first step. At Lash + Company, we know these struggles all too well, and we aim to make your onboarding experience as smooth as possible.

And while, through our real estate and training-related resources, we’ve been able to give our new franchisees a comfortable experience, we have decided to take this a step further. Lash + Company Med-Spa is now making franchising even easier through our 3 models of franchises for you to choose from, depending on your budget, space, and other needs.

The Starter Silver Model
This is our smallest model and it is best for those who want a low-investment, low-space franchise. A small franchise is the best choice for you if you have a lower investment budget, or if you want to venture into the beauty industry and just get a feel of how things work in this industry.

This could be your first step into franchising if you have not been a business owner before. And if you already have experience in businesses in other industries, then this could be a good start for you to start your journey in a new industry.

The features of the Starter Silver Model are as follows:

Area: 100 – 400 sq foot
Beds: 2
Investment Cost: $10,000 – $20,000
Fee: $20,000 – 36 months
Royalties: Flat 3%
Net Profit: $50,000 – $80,000

Why Choose The Starter Silver Model?

    Low build-out cost
    Low inventory cost
    Low investment cost
    Easy to manage
    Access to teaching and training
    Ongoing edu
    Marketing support

The Starter Silver Model will give you the kind of experience that can help you decide if you want to scale your business up to a bigger model or if you want to go on with the low-cost, low-investment model.

The Express Gold Model
For those who want a moderately spaced franchise that is not too heavy on the investment budget, the express gold model can work best. This medium-sized model is the right choice for you if you want to get started in the beauty industry and have a moderate budget of investment.

The features of the express gold model are as follows:

Area: 600 – 1000 sq foot
Beds: 4 to 5
Investment Cost: $65,000 – $150,000
Fee: $20,000 – ⅓, ⅓, ⅓
Royalties: Flat 3%
Net Profit: $75,000 – $180,000

Why Choose The Express Gold Model?

    A decent number of clientele at lower costs
    A good starting point for aestheticians, skin specialists, and other technicians who have experience in the beauty industry and now want to become business owners
    Access to teaching and training
    Ongoing edu
    Marketing Support

If you have been a part of the beauty industry for quite some time and now want to level up your career by becoming a business owner, then this model is the right choice for you.

If, on the other hand, you do not have any experience in the beauty industry, but are interested in having a decent clientele at a relatively moderate cost, even then, you can opt for this model. The training resources at Lash + Company ensure that even beginners in the beauty industry get the required training and support that they need to run a successful business.

The Full Line Platinum Model
Want to open a full-fledged salon with lots of room for many clients? The Full Line Platinum Model could be the right fit for you. Have you always dreamed of owning a beauty business of your own someday? Well, wish no longer – and take action.

The platinum model is for you if you want to start out and make a huge impact in the beauty industry. A big and spacious salon with more than 6 beds and the capacity to hold a large number of clients – this is the perfect recipe for a grand, chic, and modern salon.

The Full Line Platinum Model is our largest model, and its features are as follows:

Area: 1200 – 1700 sq foot
Beds: 6+
Investment: $175,000 – $220,000
Fee: $20,000 – ⅓, ⅓, ⅓
Royalties: Flat 3%
Net Profit: $100,000 – $250,000

Why Choose The Full Line Platinum Model?

    Spacious salon with the capacity to hold over 6 beds
    Highest net profit
    Capacity for a large base of clients
    Access to teaching and training
    Ongoing edu
    Marketing Support

Dive into the beauty business with a spacious salon and a large clientele with the Full Line Platinum Model. With the training, resources, and smooth onboarding process of Lash + Company, your grand salon will get all the support required to nurture the growth of your franchise.

For more information regarding our franchising model, visit www.lashandcompany.com and reach out to us through the form available in the Franchise section. We would love to see you grow with us!