Career Opportunities At Lash + Company

Lash + Company Med-Spa is a chic, modern, and comforting medical spa known for its welcoming atmosphere, professional quality, and unique blend of easy-to-follow services that ensure complete client satisfaction. But, that’s not all. On the business side of it, Lash + Company is an ever-growing family of many franchise owners across various locations. Our complete support system for the franchise owners is built to ensure a smooth onboarding from start to finish. Add to that our state-licensed training facilities that allow us to provide regular training to all of our franchise owners and other staff before and after the franchise is set up.

So, what are the different career opportunities that you can tap into when you become a part of Lash + Company? Take a look at the list below.

1 – Spa Aesthetic Lead
Do you have a passion for growing in the beauty industry and a knack for looking at and managing the ins and outs of a business? Then becoming a spa aesthetic lead may just be your cup of tea!

A spa aesthetic lead in Lash + Company Med-Spa oversees the providers and protocols inside the spa.

2 – Spa Manager
If you are someone who enjoys the tasks associated with the administration of a business and its day-to-day activities, then you might be cut out for the role of a Spa Manager.

A spa manager manages and operates the daily operations and administration of spas inside Lash + Company Med-Spa.

3 – District Manager
For those who enjoy multitasking and have what it takes to manage multiple locations of spas, Lash + Company provides a growth trajectory that leads to one becoming a district manager.

As a district manager, you will oversee the functioning of multiple spa locations.

4 – Aesthetic Instructor
Are you more inclined towards education than business, and are confused about where you can find a job that matches both of your interests – being in education and venturing into the beauty industry? Then the ideal job you’re looking for could be becoming an aesthetic instructor at Lash + Company Education Facility.

As an aesthetic instructor with the Lash + Company Education Program, you will take on the responsibility of quite literally shaping the future of the beauty industry. Your major role will be to help students and estheticians level up their skills.

5 – Assistant Director Of Education Facilities
The growth trajectory of our employees at Lash + Company Med-Spa and Education facilities stems from a productive business climate and dynamic opportunities for learning, up-skilling, and gaining a lot of valuable experience. In the Lash + Company Education facilities, this productivity and growth potential is mapped as an opportunity to become the Assistant Director.

The role of an assistant director of education facilities is to be a supervising body for the education facilities of Lash + Company throughout the United States.

6 – Franchise Department
If you enjoy building businesses from the ground up and like the idea of helping our newer franchisees set up and build their Lash + Company spa franchises, then you may enjoy working in the franchising department.

As a part of the franchise department, you will work on opening up and developing new franchises.

So, if the beauty industry is where you see yourself growing and settling, then Lash + Company can provide you with the platform that is necessary to unleash your potential. We, at Lash + Company, would love to be the wind beneath your wings as you take flight and soar high in the lucrative beauty industry.