2023: New Year, New Vision!

A new year brings in its folds an opportunity for new perspectives, new goals, and a new vision. And we, at Lash + Company, thought what better way to welcome 2023 than to bring with us a new vision of operational excellence!

What Is Excellence?

Excellence is a virtue.
It is a conscious choice and a result of consistency, discipline, and passion. The ethos that brings excellence to life aligns perfectly with the ethos and work culture of Lash + Company. Here, we strive to create a flawless experience for our clients and collectively nurture our passion for beauty.

Excellence is an experience.
It is what our clients feel when they enter a Lash + Company salon with their beauty dilemmas and leave with the satisfaction of having their problems solved and their questions answered. Our skilled technicians and estheticians bring to the table their knowledge, experience, and expertise to find a solution that is perfectly tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Excellence is a passion turned inside out.
Our passion for the beauty industry drives us to become skilled professionals and lifelong learners. The beauty industry is dynamic – new technologies keep changing the way we see beauty and cosmetics. And at Lash + Company, we are keen to always be learning. Our passion for beauty is nurtured by our love for learning.

Our vision of operational excellence gives us the structure and foundation that helps us do justice to our goal. We strive to create an experience of excellence for our clients. And we can assure you, that once you’ve experienced excellence, mediocrity won’t be good enough anymore!

Happy New Year 2023!