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Looking for a way to get longer, fuller, and darker lashes that last?

It’s what we love to do at Lash + Company Dearborn!

Our certified professionals are up to date on the latest techniques to deliver exceptional results and a beautiful customer experience.

It’s something our locally owned med spa has been proud to offer since our founding in 2011.

Find The Right Lash Treatment For You

We know every client is unique, and perhaps you have a specific look you want to achieve–we offer options!

Check out our lash treatments below:


Classic eyelash extensions are a glamorous way to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes! The classic eyelash extensions process uses medical-grade adhesive to adhere an individual extension to an individual natural lash. The results are longer, thicker lashes, with the appearance of natural eyelash extensions.


Have the best of both lash worlds with our Hybrid Lash treatment! With our newly added hybrid technique, you can get the classic look PLUS the extra oomph of volume lashes. Our Lash + Company Dearborn estheticians will carefully apply the classic and volume technique to your lash line, giving it fullness, definition, and soft texture. Now, you don’t have to choose between classic or volume–learn more about our Hybrid Lash technique today!


Ready to take your lash game up a notch? With volume eyelash extensions, the lash provider creates fans with multiple individual extensions and applies the fan to one individual natural lash. This technique produces a dramatic, full, and voluptuous look that people notice!


Lash + Company Dearborn offers lash lifting! The hottest trend in the eyelash industry allows you to have luscious, lifted lashes that will last for weeks in just a matter of minutes.

With lash lifting, you can skip the weekly or bi-weekly maintenance! Lash lifting uses silicone rods or pads instead of traditional perming rollers. The result is sturdier lash, staying in place and giving more of a lifting effect from the eyelash base.

How long do eyelash extensions last with our Lash Lift and Tint treatment?

Just one 30-minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that stays in place for up to 9 weeks – even after a shower or swimming!

Our trained estheticians in Dearborn, MI will provide a consultation to help you look even more beautiful–Book now!



Lash + Company is a cutting edge medical spa that truly believes in beauty simplified.

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