Save time getting ready in the morning with Lash + Company Louisville’s permanent makeup treatments!

In an age of endless Zoom calls, you want to put your best face forward and putting on makeup every morning can be a real hassle.

Whether you’re tired of constantly having to buy makeup or just not coordinated to put eyeliner on first thing in the morning, permanent makeup is a practical solution.


Permanent cosmetic makeup is essentially “cosmetic tattooing” or also referred to as “micropigmentation.” Our skilled estheticians will carefully analyze the skin surface and precisely inject colored pigment into the upper layer of the dermis.

Lash + Company Louisville ’s team of certified professionals approach permanent makeup like a form of art, curating designs that imitate makeup such as eyeliner, brows, and lips.

We will conduct a professional review to assess your skin shape, structure, and pigmentation and advise our recommendations. Contact us for complimentary consultations!


Even though permanent makeup is considered a tattooing procedure, the curriculum, procedure, and pigmentation process are substantially different. During this process, our licensed esthetic artists use topical anesthetics and precise micropigmentation to produce detailed cosmetic designs created specifically for the shape of your face.

The result is a natural-looking appearance without the extra time to get ready!



Microblading is semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, allowing for long-lasting results.

Lash + Company Louisville provides consultations to confirm you are a candidate for permanent makeup eyebrows, always complimentary and always encouraged.

Please note that if you have any existing permanent eyebrow makeup, a consultation is required!

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Ombre brow shading is a trendy technique in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. This procedure offers a softer, subtly shaded look, similar to a brow pencil technique. After healing, it provides a natural brow look many of our clients love, all while still giving excellent definition and shape to the brows.

Our trained staff would love to go over options with you and assess your brow shape, health, and type. Contact us for a consultation today!



Permanent lash line enhancement provides a dramatic look without the daily routine. This technique uses tattooing to define and darken your lash line.

Please note that lash extensions have to be removed prior to the service.

We offer treatments for:

  • Top Lash Line
  • Bottom Lash Line
  • Top and Bottom Enhancement


Lip blushing boosts the color in your lips, letting you worry less about lipstick, lip liner, or smudging. After conducting an assessment to understand your goals, our trained esthetic professionals will transform your lip look. This cosmetic tattooing semi-permanently accentuates lip color by implanting your preferred shade of colored pigment into the lips.

Whether you are going for a subtle tint or dramatic change, our Lash + Company Louisville team can help you simplify your beauty regimen and love your lips that much more!

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