Lash + Company Centennial: A PREMIER SPA

Discover beauty and expertise at Lash + Company Centennial—a premier spa franchise transforming the beauty landscape since 2010. Our range of soft touch aesthetic services and advanced medical treatments eliminates beauty guesswork. Our aim is simple: enhance your natural beauty and elevate your confidence.

Our team comprises dedicated professionals, from skilled physicians to trained estheticians, ensuring exceptional care tailored to your unique needs. Join clients nationwide who trust us for cutting-edge treatments and personalized experiences. Explore our innovative cosmetic services and luxurious treatments at Lash + Company Centennial on your beauty journey.

Welcome to Lash and Company Centennial, where beauty meets simplicity, and every day is designed to be your best day. Nestled in beautiful Colorado, our spa is more than just a destination; it’s a haven crafted with love and passion by owners Jared and Sarah Wood.

For over a decade, Jared and Sarah have proudly called Colorado home, infusing their love for this vibrant state into every aspect of Lash and Company Centennial. Sarah’s journey in the beauty industry spans over a decade, marked by her dedication to professional skincare. Her path led her through the doors of Sephora Park Meadows, where she delighted in the art of makeup and the joy of helping others enhance their natural beauty. It was after her time there that Sarah discovered her true calling as an aesthetician.

Armed with a passion for making a difference in the lives of her clients, she became a licensed esthetician and aesthetic injector. Today, Sarah leads her team with a vision rooted in integrity, compassion and authenticity, ensuring that every visit to Lash and Company Centennial is an experience of rejuvenation and empowerment.

Behind every successful woman is a supportive partner, and Jared stands as a pillar of strength and encouragement in Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey. His unwavering support and belief in her vision have been instrumental in shaping Lash and Company Centennial into the sanctuary it is today.

We understand that the beauty industry can often feel overwhelming. That’s why it’s our mission to simplify beauty, offering tailored treatments and personalized care that enhance your natural radiance. Our team is the heartbeat of our spa, dedicated to making your experience unforgettable, every time.

We invite you to join us because beauty is not just about appearances but about embracing the essence of who you are. Discover the simplicity of beauty at Lash and Company Centennial, where every visit is an invitation to celebrate your unique glow. We can’t wait to welcome you into our family and serve you soon!



To simplify beauty, delivering extraordinary service from start to finish. We value and support the growth of our company and employees, fostering an environment of continuous improvement.


To establish Lash + Company as the premier modern beauty franchise, creating the ultimate industry experience for our valued clients and dedicated staff, while elevating the entire industry as we continue to expand.




Leadership: Attaining Objectives.

Mentorship: Cultivating Individuals.

Team Building: Winning Together.

Our Founders

Meet Nick and Bailey, the visionary owners and founders of Lash and Company Franchise and Lash and Company Education. With over 25 years of collective experience in building and creating both life and successful businesses together, they stem from blue-collar middle-class backgrounds, embodying a strong work ethic. Currently raising three young men, family values are at the core of their journey. Passionate lovers of learning, Nick and Bailey run their companies on questions, not answers, fostering curiosity and open-mindedness. Their daily motto revolves around making something or someone better every day, reflecting a commitment to continuous improvement. Embracing a holistic approach, they strive for health, wealth, love, and happiness in their personal and professional lives. Their companies serve as platforms for growth, learning, and positive impact, showcasing a legacy built on hard work, family, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.