Brows that are well-groomed frame the face, drawing attention to your eyes and highlighting your features. Lash + Company Houston offers a range of brow looks with our innovative assortment of brow products and brow enhancing procedures. We recognise the significance of definition and intensity that any given brow look requires; which is why we have our esthetic artists to save the day! They will consult with you and recommend the best product or procedure for your needs.


Gone are the days when you had to spend 10 minutes every single day, just to draw on your eyebrows. Lash + Company Houston has now introduced a brow gel to save the day. It has an extremely strong hold that keeps your brows in place, unlike any other brow gel you’ve tried before. It can be used to cover up any sparse areas to make the brows look fuller. Brow gel is similar to brow mascara in terms of application. It comes in a small tube with a brush that resembles a smaller mascara wand. Brow gel, similar to mascara, provides your brows definition and makes them look fuller and more luxuriant all day. The most efficient way to apply the brow gel is by brushing it in the opposite direction of hair growth to deposit the color on your brows. Once that is done, brush your brows down in the direction of your hair growth, and it is done!

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Eyebrow tinting is a quick procedure that includes applying semi-permanent dye to your brows to make them appear fuller and darker than usual. Tinting your brows gives them shape and depth if you have light hair or if your brows are sparse. Our expert esthetic artist will examine your brow’s undertone to determine the exact shade that needs to be applied. The eyebrow tint usually lasts three to four weeks, after which the color fades gradually.

To ensure your tint lasts longer, avoid getting them wet, apply any sort of oil-based products as the tint might rub off. The best part of eyebrow tinting you ask? Well, the application takes less than an hour and the results are instant!

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Brow lamination is one of the hottest beauty trends in the industry right now, and it’s typically attributed to the voluminous, defined brows that it results in. It is a technique used to smoothen out unruly or thinning brow hair while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. Whatever your brow dilemma is – gaps, thinning, or overplucking, brow lamination is a fantastic remedy and a terrific alternative to microblading.

The procedure begins with the application of a lifting cream to the brow, which initiates a chemical reaction that breaks down connections in each hair, allowing them to be reshaped. The brow hairs are then brushed back into position, and a neutralizer is used to reconstruct the bonds. Finally, nourishing oil is applied to the brows to repair moisture lost during the chemical treatment.

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