Joseph, Westminster Franchisee at Lash + Company Med-Spa

“Lash + Company Med-Spa has a solid operation foundation and a very reliable business model. The whole build-out process was very smooth – from architectural design to business systems, knowing the right amount of space to deliver quality service to our customers – the whole build-out process was very condensed and efficient. The team of Lash + Company, with their immense knowledge and passion about the industry, had a jump-start in the build-out, right from the selection of the site to the chic design of the store.

The operations and systems at Lash + Company Franchises are dialed in so well – from the phone system to the finances, to the marketing; even the day-to-day operations are set smoothly. So, for me, it’s after my full time 40 hours a week job at corporate, spending a little bit of time per day, just making sure the systems are all running smoothly.

As a small business owner, I love the strong network of franchise owners that are there at Lash + Company. Our regular monthly calls allow us not only to have a strong foundation, but also with other business owners, you could just bounce off ideas – this constant knowledge sharing is key to avoiding costly mistakes by trying to reinvent the wheel.

I look forward to eventually venturing into the multi-unit franchise space.”

Analisa, Westminster Franchisee at Lash + Company Med-Spa

“I had been a part of the beauty industry for 5 years before I got into Lash + Company as a franchisee, and we have built a long-standing team with a great culture. The systems and operations and protocols of Lash + Company, that have been put into place, have the capability of teaching any partner that we bring on with us, the skills and hands-on knowledge required to provide great service to our customers.

Here, as a franchisee at Lash + Company, I’ve found a pretty good balance between working on the business and working in it. The system is forever evolving and I have learned new skills that I didn’t come with, prior to coming to Lash + Company.

From my experience in the industry, I’ve learned that there’s so much learning to do in the first few years after school, and so, having the right person to lead and coach you through all of it is so crucial. Just to see where we started with Lash + Company, to see the growth – not only of us growing as an individual store, but even at the back end with the corporate locations and education centers as well, is exciting. And it shows even when I interview some of these candidates – they know who we are, and what we have to offer, and they want to be a part of our team. Some of these candidates are excited to, at some point, have their own franchise – so, they see themselves in the long term with Lash + Company Family.

So, being a part of something so big – there’s a huge light in that.”


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