Get the Voluminous Lashes You’ve Always Wanted!

Volume Lashes at Lash and Company

Are you tired of sparse, lackluster lashes? Do you dream of voluminous, dramatic lashes that turn heads? Look no further than Lash + Company’s volume lashes!

What are volume lashes?

Our volume lashes use a unique technique of applying multiple lightweight extensions to a single natural lash, creating a full and voluminous appearance. This technique is safe and comfortable for your natural lashes, and our skilled technicians will ensure a customized look that complements your eye shape and enhances your natural beauty.

With Lash + Company’s volume lashes, you can enjoy a dramatic and bold look that lasts for weeks. Plus, with our high-quality extensions and expert application, you’ll experience minimal shedding and longer retention times.

The Benefits of Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are a game-changer in the world of eyelash extensions. They offer a range of benefits that make them the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes. Here are some of the top benefits of volume lashes:

  • Fuller, more dramatic look: Volume lashes are made up of multiple ultra-fine extensions that are carefully fanned out and placed on each individual lash. This creates a fuller, more dramatic look than classic lash extensions, which only attach one extension to each natural lash.
  • Customizable: Volume lashes come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, allowing for a customized look that suits your unique style and preferences. Whether you want a natural-looking enhancement or a more dramatic, full-bodied look, volume lashes can be tailored to your desired outcome.
  • Long-lasting: With proper care and maintenance, volume lashes can last up to six weeks, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice for anyone looking for a longer-lasting lash extension solution.
  • Comfortable and lightweight: Volume lashes are made from ultra-fine extensions that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are designed to be gentle on your natural lashes, ensuring that you can wear them for extended periods without any discomfort.
  • Time-saving: Because volume lashes are attached to multiple natural lashes at once, the application time is shorter than that of classic lash extensions. This means that you can have fuller, more voluminous lashes in less time.

What To Expect During Your Appointment?

At Lash + Company, we want to ensure that every client has a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their volume lash appointment. Here’s what you can expect during your visit:

  1. Consultation: Your appointment will begin with a consultation with one of our skilled technicians. They will assess your natural lashes, discuss your desired outcome, and recommend the best volume lash style to suit your eye shape and facial features.
  2. Preparation: Once you’ve decided on your desired lash style, your technician will prepare your natural lashes for the application process. This includes thoroughly cleaning your lashes and removing any makeup or debris.
  3. Application: Our skilled technicians will use a precise technique to attach multiple ultra-fine extensions to each of your natural lashes. This process is painless and comfortable, and many clients even find it relaxing. You can expect to lay comfortably with your eyes closed during the application process.
  4. Customization: During the application process, our technicians will carefully tailor the volume lashes to your unique eye shape and preferences. This includes selecting the appropriate length, thickness, and curl of the extensions to achieve your desired look.
  5. Aftercare: Once your volume lashes are applied, your technician will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure that your lashes last as long as possible. This includes avoiding getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after the application, avoiding oil-based products around the eye area, and gently brushing your lashes daily.

Final Results: When your appointment is complete, you’ll open your eyes to a dramatic and bold new look! You’ll notice that your lashes appear fuller, thicker, and more voluminous. You’ll also notice that your eyes appear brighter and more open, creating a flattering and eye-catching look.

Lash + Company’s volume lashes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes with a dramatic and full-bodied look. With the benefits of long-lasting wear, customization options, and comfortable application, you’ll leave your appointment feeling confident and beautiful.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that volume lashes can make, book your appointment with Lash + Company today!